Children Ministry

Rev. Barnabas Ochami
Children & Sunday school coordinator

The functions of the department are: to co-ordinate the work of Sunday School; to organize courses for Sunday school teachers; to organize diocesan Sunday school rallies; prepare budget for the department; seek ways of raising funds for department; and seek way and means of evangelizing children within.

Current activities/Planned

  1. Adoption and strengthening of programmes including: (a) Holiday Bible Teachings, HBT (or Holi-BiTe/V.B. S); (b) Brigade activities like, drilling, commissioning, registration with Brigade Kenya 4 Square programme; and (c) Festivals like music/drama.
  2. Establish a music Desk in the Diocesan office.
  3. Establish income generating activities, e.g., printing of T-shirts, Sunday school lectionary, fun fair activity.
  4. Continuity of Sunday school/Brigade trainings.
  5. Encourage Sunday school/Brigade officer’s fellowships and Council at different levels, such as, Archdeaconry and Deanery.
  6. Rite of Passage programmes, namely, Vuka to Teens (V2T) for Std 8 leavers, and Vuka to Adulthood (V2A) for Form 4 Leavers as they enter young adulthood.
  7.  Graduation of children transition from one stage to another, e.g., Sunday School Brigade to Youth; and Youth to Young Adults.


Brigade is a Christian uniformed, disciplined, international, non-denominational organization for boys and girls.  Its main objective is to make the boys and girls mature in their faith and also acquire life skills that will make them all rounded Christians who are knowledgeable and able to participate in the society issues around them. It targets the children aged 5-14 year. The children graduate from one level to another based on their age in the course of the programme. Brigade is carried out in companies which must be registered with Brigade Kenya. The trainers must be trained and commissioned as lieutenants and captains by the Diocesan Bishop. The Parish Vicar is the chaplain of the Brigade companies in a parish and the Bishop is the senior chaplain of the brigade in the diocese.