Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Mrs. Evelyn Telo
CBR Coordinator

Community Based Rehabilitation project started in the year 1997 in the Anglican Church of Kenya Diocese of Kitale after a survey whose main aim was to know the status of the people we are serving.

During the exercise we discovered that there are some people who had been ignored by their family members and the community due to their disabilities, Hence the need of serving them a rose.

We started offering services to them through sensitizing their family members and the community at large. Our main aim is to enable them reach their full potential through rehabilitation.

Currently we are operating within the following districts within Rift-valley and western provinces Namely Trans-Nzoia, Marakwet, West pokot, and North pokot, Mt. Elgon, Turkana and Bungoma.

The project has reached 1357 clients with Neurology case and 2470 with other disabilities which includes.

  • Physical handicap
  • Mental retardation
  • Visual impairment
  • Cleft lip and palate of age 18 and below.

In Collaboration with AIC KIJABE HOSPITAL we offer 6 free Clinics Yearly.

Our main objectives are:

  • To bring the face of God to humanity
  • To make all humanity understand that we are made in God’s image. i.e. (Operation smile.)
  • To prove to the world that disability is not inability.

Our project activities are:

  • Field work – Sensitizations on reduction of the stigma towards people with disability
  • Identifications and regrouping of people with disability as per person’s physical challenge.
  • Organize seminars and workshops on specific physical challenge at the community level.
  • Organize for clinics and referral cases at the diocesan level.
  • To organize for packages to enable home rehabilitation programs.
  • With meager resource we do advocacy for disability awareness and other related activities to promote the welfare of people with disability, to make it visible at all levels of the community.
  • Organize follow-ups to those benefited from the program to make sure they lead a transformed life.We reach the people with disability (PWDS) in the community through church leader (Priests and church elders, also through Local administration (Chiefs, village elders) do help to identify and sensitize on the PWDS.

Community Based Rehabilitation worker do also community visits carrying out person to person interviews. By also advocacy through seminars, clinics posters, audiovisual programs, through already rehabilitated persons and on church gatherings. Identification and regrouping of PWDS through trained community Health workers.

CBR Community Outreach Strategy

We reach People Living with Disabilities in the community through our grassroots’ Church leaders, through local government administration officials [chiefs and village elders]to help identify and sensitize on the PLWDs. The CBR worker carries out community visits to carry person to person interviews. Further, advocacy is done through seminars, clinic posters, and during Church gatherings.

CBR Clinic
CBR Clinic