Diocesan Governance System

The Diocesan Synod: This is the highest governance organ of the diocese. It is made up of 2 lay delegates and priests from all the parishes and the ordinary sessions are held once every two years.

The Standing Committee of the Synod: The Synod elects from its delegates members who together with ex-officio members (Archdeacons, Provost and Administrative Secretary), form the Standing Committee of Synod. It offers oversight to the management of the diocese. It also appoints members to various boards and committees of the diocese.

The Bishop: As an episcopal ministry, the Bishop leads in the day-to-day operations of the diocese assisted by the Standing Committee which he chairs.

The Parish Church Council: The parish is governed by the Parish Church Council (PCC) made up of members from Local Churches of the parish. They assist the Vicar or parish priest in managing the affairs of the parish.

The Local Church Council: Every congregation or local church is governed by the Local Church Council which manages its day-to-day services.

The diocese also has two other regional levels, the Archdeaconries and Deaneries, which are advisory by nature and assist in unify the diocese in their delivery of convenient pastoral services. The archdeaconry is managed by an Archdeacon and the deanery is led by Rural or Urban Dean.

Diocesan Standing Committee – 2019

  1. Rev Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich  -Diocesan Bishop/Chairman
  2. Rev Samson Tuliapus                     -Suffragan Bishop
  3. Aggrey Kidiavai                               -Diocesan Chancelor

Clergy and Lay Members:

  1. Canon Julius Mettah          -Vice Chairman
  2. Albert Rumaita                    -Lay. Secreary
  3. Ben Barasa                           -Diocesan Administrative Secretary
  4. Lay Canon Yonah Adala     -Treasurer
  5. Shadrack Wenani                -Finance Chairman
  6. Canon Sarah Khisa
  7. Jackson Ngaritai
  8. Canon Kabiru Mbugua
  9. Canon Polycarp Meger
  10. Moses Longiro
  11. Canon Shadrack Ndiwa
  12. Francis Nalelio
  13. Judith Mwaniki
  14. Meshack Kosgey
  15. Dickson Barasa
  16. David Sang
  17. Rev Judith Muga
  18. Rev Brian Kimutai
  19. Rev Lilian Anjononi
  20. Rev Peter Nariu
  21. Rev James Nakirerio
  22. Rose Mumelo
  23. Rose Ekoine
  24. Peter Gitau
  25. Bonfree Kinjo
  26. Susan Thande
  27. Roselyne Tomeyan
  28. Michael Kakuko
  29. Kennedy Kiprop Sakaja
  30. Peter Naperit
  31. Abrahm Rutto
  32. Kennedy Loyatum
  33. Diocesan Accountant
  34. Janet Khabeko
  35. George Wangila
  36. Alstone Longoriaki
  37. Joseph Wainaina