The Diocese of Kitale has the following ministry programmes and projects or institutions under 3 key departments that are established to fulfill the vision and mission of the Diocese.
1. The Mission Departments includes: (i) Children, (ii) Youth, (iii) Women, and (iv) Men’s ministries;
2.  The Social Services departments include: (i) Education and (ii) Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR); and (iii) Church and Community Mobilization Programme (CCMP).
3. The Administration and Finance department of: (i) Yireh Financial Services and (ii) Bishop Muge Mission Center.

All these departments work under the Standing Committee of Synod and its 3 Boards to fulfill 3 mandates of the Diocese, namely:  1.       Evangelism and Discipleship Mandate to bring people to know Christ and grow them into mature disciples who serve in various church ministries and in turn bring others to Christ. This mandate is entrusted to the Board of Mission and Discipleship (BMD).

2.       Stewardship Mandate for the church-based resource mobilization and management which is entrusted to the Board of Administration and Finance (BAF).

3.       Society-Transformation Mandate for the church to intentionally transform the larger society. This mandate is entrusted to the Board of Education and Social Services (BESS).

All these programmes and projects are facilitated by the Diocesan office and their relevant Departments, Boards and Committees.