Youth Ministry- (KAYO)

Rev.Capt. Ann Chumba.

The K.A.Y.O department is driven by the motto “Be strong in the Lord”, Ephesians 6:10.

The functions of the department are:

  1. Organize Diocesan Youth rally, conferences, seminars and festivals e.t.c.
  2. Advice the Diocesan Youth Organizer (D.Y.O)
  3. Prepare a budget for youth work to be approved by the Board of Finance.
  4. Seek ways and means of raising funds.
  5. Seek ways and means of reaching young people in school, colleges within the diocese.
  6. Advice and encourage parish youth workers.
  7. Ensure church youth groups are started and are functioning well

Future plans

  1. To have transition programmes from one stage to the other i.e. Vuka to Teens (V2T) for this moving from Primary to High School, and Vuka to Adulthood (V2A) for Form 4 Leavers.
  2. To have income generating projects/programme.
  3. To have sensitization on the importance of nurturing the young people
  4. Have active parish and archdeaconry leadership with patronage of clergy.
  5. Form an active youth mission and evangelism team to reach youths in our churches, schools, colleges and community at large.
  6. Have more leadership capacity building forums.
  7. Create opportunities for talent growth e.g. festivals, sports etc.
  8. Have commissioning of K.A.Y.O. members.