Mission and Evangelism

This is one of the committees under the Diocesan Board of Mission. Evangelism Committee is mandated to encourage, strengthen, organize and oversee evangelistic activities in the diocese. The committee’s objective is to proclaim the gospel of Christ as Savior and Lord of all and calling upon people to accept Christ personally and be reconciled to God.

  • Evangelism activities have been going on in parishes over the years.
  • Partnership with Africa Anglican Mission which donated tent and film.


Evangelism activities are carried out at two levels:

  1. At the Parish level, individual Parish and churches carry out missions and evangelism activities with the support of the Parish Priest.
  2. At diocesan level, a volunteer team of evangelists (10-15 in number) from different parishes carry out evangelistic missions, crusades and rallies. They carry out these activities through invitations by willing parishes.This team prepares a monthly programme of missions each year to Parishes which have invited them. The result of these missions have been fairly  successful over the years.
  3. Jesus film and tent to be used in parishes.