Women Ministry (MU/ACW)

Rev. Ruth Koech

Women Ministry is the organization that brings together women of the Anglican Diocese of Kitale. It is affiliated to the Mothers’ Union (MU) worldwide and operates under the guidance of the Diocesan Bishops and MU Presidents. It is an organization that is mandated to implement ministerial programs that support women in church as a critical section of society in need of special attention.

The department has grown from strength to strength since its inception of the Diocese. Every year the department enrolls new members who have to go through comprehensive classes to train them on the objectives of the movement.

The Department promotes the well-being of families which is achieved through:

  • Developing prayer and spiritual growth for families through conferences, rallies and seminars
  • Studying and reflecting on family life marriage and society
  • Resourcing our members to take practical action through voluntary giving to improve conditions for families, nationally and in communities which they live

Currently the department has approximately 13,500 members.


The advancement of Christian religion in the spheres of marriage and family life.


To be especially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.


  1. To uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and to promote its wider understanding
  2. To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church
  3. To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
  4. To promote conditions in society favorable for family life and protection of children
  5. To Assist those who are in need


  1. Successful plan of rallies and conferences for women at different levels to develop mature Christians who are able to build the foundation of their families on Christ
  2. Recruit, and train new women to the organization
  3. Visit the sick, Prisons and Children homes.
  4. Identify the communities needs at the local level and help where we can i.e. we have been able to support education for few students through scholarship
  5. We work to improve the quality of life for those around us, we want to show our faith in action. i.e. We were able to provide shelter to 11 families.
  6. Well organized structures for the department from the local level to the diocesan level
  7. Maximum cooperation from women. This has helped the department to be where it is today
  8. The department runs Yireh Fabrics where uniforms are made. The proceeds from it helps the department in giving back to the society.


  1. Insufficient finances for the department to effectively reach out.


As a department we trust God to achieve all planned activities as our motto always reminds that, ‘we will do all things through Christ who gives us strength’ (Philippians 4:13).

Bishop Emmanuel Commissioning and admitting members into Mothers union members and Anglican church women at St. Luke’s Pro-Cathedral Kitale
Mother’s Union president (In white dress)witnessing the commissioning and admission of members into mothers union & Anglican church women

over 450 women to be commission and admitted into mother’s union and Anglican church women membership

Yireh Fabrics Sales
St. Luke’s pro-cathedral kitale mother’s union displaying their cookings during Talent week
YIREH Fabrics