It is such an amazing and precious moment for me to write the foreword to this Diocesan Silver Jubilee Celebrations (SJC) Booklet prepared to mark the Diocesan 25th anniversary activities. In the pages of this SJC Booklet you will find description of the concept and activities of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations, snapshots of the Diocesan history and departmental activities, and strategic partners of the Diocese throughout its 25-year history.

On my own behalf and that of the Diocesan Synod, I sincerely acknowledge and register my deepest appreciation to the following special groups: First, members of the Silver Jubilee Celebration Taskforce who have worked tirelessly to discharge the mandate entrusted upon them by the Diocesan Synod. Second, the individual Christian members of our beloved Diocese for giving their generous pledges and contributions towards the construction of the multi-million Silver Jubilee Building Project. Third, the Diocesan Leadership Institute (DLI) Secretariat and the Clergy and Lay Readers for availing and participating in DLI Series 2 training on ‘Evangelism and Discipleship’ for equipping each local church to reach out to 25 new members. And finally, our friends and partners who have stood with us in prayer and availing tree seedlings (Anglican Development Services North Rift Region, Kenya Forestry Services, Kenya Seed Company, Equity Bank, VI-Agroforestry, Tranztunga Travels), and SJC Walkathon T-shirts (Absa Bank) and volunteers (Trans Nzoia County Referral Hospital).

These Silver Jubilee celebration activities are multifaceted in approach and I have no doubt it will renew and revitalize every aspect of our diocesan ministries and enhance the spirit of unity of purpose to the Diocesan Church Family as we engage in: joint celebratory walks,; appreciate people and partners whom God provided to walk with us in these 25 years; praise God in song and prayers; invite the un-reached and the lost to be members of our Anglican church family; conserve our environment by planting trees; and raise funds to invest in diocesan inter-generational income-generating property.

I truly believe the successful implementation of the 2022 Diocesan Silver Jubilee Celebrations will renew and revitalize the Diocesan activities and significantly contribute towards fulfilling our Diocesan Vision, “A vibrant and healthy diocese fulfilling the Great Commandment and Great Commission”.

I now welcome you to join me and the rest of the clergy and Christians of our Diocese of Kitale in praying for and supporting the Silver Jubilee activities as a unique God-given opportunity for us to keep on building Christ’s kingdom to the the glory of His name, Amen.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich,

Diocesan Bishop.

Background Information on Silver Jubilee Celebrations

This year, 2022, we in the Diocese of Kitale are marking the Silver Jubilee Anniversary (25th anniversary).  The “Silver Jubilee Celebrations” (SJC) refers to the concept and activities for celebration of the 25th anniversary. The Diocese of Kitale was established on 1st July 1997. The main purpose of this 25th anniversary celebrations is to thank God for His faithfulness and highlight key achievements over the last 25-year history of the Diocese through diocesan-wide activities at diocesan, parish and local church levels.

The Diocesan SJC concept, activities, and framework was approved by the Ordinary Session of the Diocesan Synod held on 5th to 6th September 2021 at the St. Luke’s Cathedral Church. Following that resolution, the Standing Committee of Synod appointed members of the Silver Jubilee Taskforce (SJT) in October 2021 which began by training and orientation in the months of November and December 2021 for stakeholders. The primary mandate of the Silver Jubilee Taskforce is to plan for and ensure implementation of the SJC activities throughout 2022.

The following are the members appointed to the Silver Jubilee Taskforce:

  1. Lay Canon Yonah Adala – Chairman
  2. Margaret Wanyonyi – Secretary
  3. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich – Member
  4. Ben Barasa – Member
  5. Canon Sarah Khisa – Member
  6. Canon Kabiru Mbugwa – Member
  7. Francis Thande – Member
  8. Hubert Weyao – Member
  9. Kennedy Sile – Member
  10. Kennedy Kiprop – Member
  11. Isaac Muturi – Member
  12. Rose Ekoine – Member
  13. Eunice Aramis – Member
  14. Peter Gitau – Member
  15. Aggrey Kidiavai – Member

The Silver Jubilee Taskforce established two key strategies for fulfilling its mandate:

(1) Established the Silver Jubilee Ambassadors (SJA) at Archdeaconry (6 members) and Parish levels (7 members). The key responsibilities of the SJA members are to liaise between the SJC Taskforce and the Christians of the Diocese on all the SJC plans and activities.

(2) Established the Guiding Matrix for Identifying Donors at Parish levels. This Matrix is meant to guide the Parish Silver Jubilee Ambassadors in identifying and approaching potential donors and their levels of giving toward the SJC Building Project. The following was framework for individual contributions:

  • Level 1: 100,000+
  • Level 2: 50,000+
  • Level 3: 25,000+
  • Level 4: 12,500+
  • Level 5: 6,250+
  • Level 6: 2,500+
  • Level 7: 500+ (Teens)
  • Level 8: 250+ (Children)

  Management Structure of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The highest organ of authority in the management structure of the Silver Jubilee is the Diocesan Standing Committee of Synod which appointed the Silver Jubilee Taskforce (SJT) on behalf of the Diocesan Synod. The Taskforce (SJT) reports to the Standing Committee of Synod and submits all its proposed activities for its approval and resourcing.

The SJT has the following 3 Sub-Committees that works separately to fulfill its overall mandate:

  1. Fundraising and Celebration Day Sub-Committee
  2. Church Growth and Tree Planting Sub-Committee
  3. Walkathon and Recognition Sub-Committee

In addition, the Silver Jubilee Taskforce works with all Christians of the Diocese through the Silver Jubilee Ambassadors (SJA) at Archdeaconry and Parish Levels.

The primary responsibility of the SJA is to communicate all planned activities and facilitate implementation of strategies of the Silver Jubilee Taskforce to the Christians at the Parish and Local Church levels. They are also to report on the progress of the planned activities back to the SJT secretariat. The members of the Parish Silver Jubilee Ambassadors (SJAs) include: All Clergy, Synod Delegates and 4 members of the Parish Church Council (PCC) Executive.

Silver Jubilee Celebration Activities

The following are scheduled SJC activities for the Diocesan Silver Jubilee Celebrations throughout the year 2022:

  1. Anniversary Celebration Event: Scheduled for Sunday, 3rd July 2022.
  2. Appreciations/Recognitions: Identify and recognize 25 People and Partner Organizations/ Churches who have made significant contributions to the Diocese of Kitale in its 25-year history.
  3. Church Growth: Each local church to reach out and add 25 new members. This will total to 6,000 new members from all the 220 local churches of the Diocese.
  4. Environmental Stewardship through Tree Planting: Each local church and Anglican sponsored/owned educational institutions to secure and plant 25+ new trees and each Anglican home between 5-10 trees, under the spirit and objectives of the Green Anglican Movement. This will total to 35,000 (6,000 for 220 local churches, 5,000 for 200 educational institutions and 25,000 in Anglican homes).
  5. Financial Stewardship through Income Generating Project (IGA): Construct an eight-storey office building at the St. Luke’s Cathedral grounds to generate reliable income for the Diocese. This is projected to cost Kshs.190,000 million upon completion, and with projected rental income of Kshs.4 million per floor per year.
  6. A Healthy and Celebratory Walkathon: Individual Christians are invited to take a 25-km celebratory and healthy walk on Friday, 17th June 2022 as they sing hymns and songs of thanksgiving celebrations from the eight (8) different road directions of the Diocese and leading to the Kitale Diocesan office (Suam/Endebess Rd; Eldoret Rd; Kapenguria Rd, Webuye Rd, Kaptama/Lukhome Rd, Saboti/Kinyoro Rd, Kwanza Rd, and Kachibora/ Cherangany Rd) to revitalize their physical health and invite their friends to raise funds for each kilometre walked towards the Silver Jubilee project.

The Desired Outcome of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Below are the desired outcomes of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations to be accomplished in 2022:

  1. Mobilized enough funds to commence construction of the Silver Jubilee Commercial Office Building Project through individuals pledging their donations (throughout 2022), walkathon (on 17th June), and SJC fundraiser luncheon (on 30th December).
  2. Numerical Church Growth through intentional evangelism outreach activities by adding 25 new members in every local church in 2022 to total over 6,000 new members in the Diocese. This is facilitated by DLI Series 2 (Feb—March 2022) capacity-building evangelism training for clergy and lay readers, and the May 2022 diocesan-wide ‘Evangelism Preaching and Teaching Series’ to all Christians across all our local churches.
  3. Enhanced environmental stewardship in the spirit of the Green Anglican Movement (GAM) by planting over 35,000+ trees in every local church, ACK owned and sponsored educational institution, and 5-10+ trees in every Anglican home.
  4. Completed a 25-km Walkathon to celebrate God for His faithfulness, to raise funds for the SJC flagship project, and for good health of the participants.
  5. Recognized 25 individuals, churches, and organizations, both within and outside the Diocese, that have walked faithfully with the Diocese in its 25-year history.
  6. Celebrated God’s faithfulness for the last 25 years of the existence and services of the Diocese on 3rd July 2022 during the Diocesan Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving Worship and Fundraiser Service.

List of the 25 Individuals and Organizations/Churches Selected to Receive the Diocesan Silver Jubilee Award:

  1. Rev. Stephen Kewasis (First Bishop/Bishop Emeritus)
  2. Canon Sarah Khisa
  3. Paul Naisukwa (Retired)
  4. Christopher Akiru (Retired)
  5. Lay Canon Yonah Adala
  6. Simon Cheshari
  7. David Tiriongo Masai
  8. John (Posthumously) & Esther Etemesi
  9. Elly (Posthumously) & Penina Oroni
  10. Christopher Sang
  11. Flora Wanyama (Posthumously)
  12. David Mbugua Wanyama
  13. Peter (Posthumously) & Anne Muchina
  14. Jane Selline Otieno
  15. Gerald (Posthumously) & Emily Kalya
  16. Joshua Samoei
  17. Dismas Nyongesa Wanyama
  18. Elizabeth Saina (Posthumously)
  19. Evanson Munjua
  20. Edward Wanambisi
  21. Anglican Development Services North Rift Region (ADS-NRR)
  22. Mwamba Foundation
  23. BCMS Crosslinks (UK)
  24. The Church of the Good Samaritan (USA)
  25. AIC Cure International Kijabe

Follow the link below to download Silver Jubilee Celebration Brochure


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