Mission of Just Earth

Just Earth partners with local churches to bring spiritual, economic, social and environmental transformation of their communities in the name of Jesus

ACK Kitale Diocese and Just Earth Partnership

Just Earth is an organization registered in Kenya and you can know more about the organization by visiting the official website,

The partnership between the Anglican Diocese of KitaIe and Just Earth began in early 2019 with investment in 2 Farmers Field Schools (FFS) which has enrolled more than 70 farmers in 2 parishes, namely, St Mary’s Kobos and St. Joseph’s Kibagenge.  Just Earth funds and manages these FFS with prayer that more FFS shall be established in more Parishes as availability of funds shall permit.

The Just Earth organization has agreed to 2 new FFS projects in Kinyoro and Chepareria Parishes which will add 75 more farmers to benefit from this partnership that is transforming many small scale farmers.

Description of Just Earth Mission to Transform Lives of Rural Farmers

Just Earth is an organization that partners with local churches to transform lives and grow a prosperous future in the name of Jesus. It targets smallholder Christian farmers identified and mobilized through a local church, into a Farmer Field Schools (FFS) comprising of 36 members. These members are encouraged and expected to reach out to 4 other farmers from the wider community through farmer to farmer extension.

The training curriculum comprises of Kingdom Life material for discipling of farmers and agronomy delivered through theory and practice one day a week that lasts for 2 years after which farmers graduates into experts.

Currently, the Just Earth organization funds and manages 2 FFS projects in the Anglican Diocese of Kitale which has enrolled over 70 local Christian farmers. These FFS’ shall run for a period of 2 years before graduation of enrolled members.

How Just Earth Supports Farmers

  • Provides spiritual disciples and growth through ‘Kingdom Life Bible Study’ materials
  • Trains on modern agricultural and household level climate change adaptation technologies
  • Offers interest free farm inputs loan for 1 acre
  • Linkages to markets and other service providers
  • Promotes savings and investment through table banks

Impact of Just Earth Programmes

  • Three to four times increase in farm production in their first years;
  • Members’ families move from 1 meal per day to 2-3 nutritious meals per day;
  • Excess food from harvests to sell and extra incomes earned for living costs like, School fees;
  • An average of 4 neighbors taught over the training phase by each member;
  • With an average family sizes being 8 per household we project that each FFS of 36 farmers positively impacts 288 family members; and
  • Over 200 farmers have formed savings groups to administer loans for business development.

    Farmers Field Day Kobos Parish (Kobos FFS)

Farmers Field day Kibagenge FFS

Lauch of FFS Kibagenge Group

Farmers Field Day at Kobos Parish(Kobos FFS)