Rooted in Jesus

Rev. Tarus Kirionon Diocesan RinJ Coordinator

About ‘Rooted in Jesus’ Programme

Rooted in Jesus (RinJ) is a practical discipleship programme for Africa first designed for use in Tanzania. It has been running now for 18 years and has been introduced to 82 Anglican dioceses. It’s endorsed by the Anglican Communion.

Rooted in Jesus is a low cost, sustainable programme which has been proven to bring both spiritual and numerical growth to individuals, churches and dioceses. It is designed for use with small discipleship groups, for confirmation preparation, and for evangelism and church planting. Some dioceses also use it in their Bible Colleges.

Rooted in Jesus is introduced at a four-day residential training conference for clergy and lay leaders. Rooted in Jesus is used in both English and Kiswahili languages. At the end of the training, discipleship group leaders are given the booklets they need to lead each session, but group members do not need a book (and do not need to be literate).

Partnership of ‘Rooted in Jesus’ and Kitale Diocese

The Synod of the Diocese of Kitale sitting in September 2019 endorsed the partnership with Rooted in Jesus and has now planned to launch the ‘Rooted in Jesus’ in 2020. This will start with four-day leaders’ training set for end of January 2020. The Diocese will soon appoint the Diocesan Coordinator to oversee the RinJ programme.

For More Information on the courses offered in Rooted in Jesus (RinJ) programme, visit its website:, particularly on the page

Rooted in Jesus Conference

In 2020, the Diocese held leaders training of 140 clergy and 1 Lay Reader for establishment of the discipleship programme, ‘Rooted in Jesus’. A follow-up training conference took place in February 2022 for the 130 and an additional 100 clergy and Lay Readers. This programme is managed by ‘Rooted in Jesus’ organization based in UK. Rooted in Jesus is a practical discipleship programme which was originally designed in and for Anglican dioceses in Tanzania. This programme is run by trained clergy or lay Christians in home cell groups. It has now been implemented in 82 Anglican diocese and endorsed by Anglican Communion. Once successfully implemented, we can begin a Rooted in Jesus Junior Programme for Sunday school children. We praise God Rooted in Jesus is being carried out in over 150 discipleship groups across the Parishes of the Diocese.