The Diocesan Boards and Committees

The Diocese has 3 Boards whose members are appointed by the Standing Committee of Synod for a term of two years.

  1. Board of Administration and Finance;and its Committees.

This board advises, supervises, sets policies, and administers the finances of the diocese. It also prepares annual budgets and arranges for annual audits of diocesan finances. The Committees under the Board of Finance are:

  1. Budget Committee
  2. Appointment Committee
  3. Stewardship Committee
  4. Property and Investment Committee
  5. Faculties and Advisory Committee

2. Board of Mission and Discipleship;and its Committee.

This board is responsible for the missionary task of the church including, the gospel proclamation, organizing refresher courses for clergy and lay leaders, and ensure gospel reaches students, the sick in hospitals, and people at their workplace. The following are the Committees under the Board of Mission:

  1. Evangelism Committee
  2. Sunday School Committee
  3. Brigades (Boys and Girls) Committee
  4. Diocesan Missionary Association Committee
  5. Mothers Union Committee
  6. Youth Committee
  7. Kenya Anglican Men’s Association
  8. Pastoral Care Committee
  9. Bishops Examining Chaplains

3. Board of Education and Social Services;and its committee.

This Board coordinates the community development outreach services of the diocese. It has the following 3 Committees:

  1. Community Health Committee
  2. Social Welfare Committee
  3. Bishop Muge Guest House and Conference Centre