Rev. John Lagat – Diocesan DML Coordinator.

A Church-Based Business as Mission for the Anglican Churches in Kitale Diocese

 Partnership Between DML and Diocese of Kitale

The Diocesan DML Ministry is aimed at unleashing and empowering our Churches to transform society and is made possible through strategic partnership with ICM’s DML. This partnership enables the Diocese to fulfill its goals in all the 5 Pillars in the Strategic Plan (2019-2023), but primarily, the Stewardship, Spirituality, and Society-Transformation Pillars.

We are delighted that 24 parishes in our Diocese have committed and are now in different levels of training engagements with DML Staff. We trust God will use 

 What is DML, Discipling Marketplace Leaders?

Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) is a ‘Church-based Business as Mission’ ministry founded in Kenya by International Christian Ministries (ICM) in 2013.  The vision of DML is to reclaim the marketplace through Church-based Business as Mission and bring it under the Lordship of Christ.  This is done by building the capacity of the local church to disciple it’s members for the purpose of doing work (business, farming and employment) as an act of worship to our Creator.

 What are the Different Levels of DML Training?

DML takes place at three primary levels:

[1] Workshops for Pastors and Church Leaders:  Church Growth and Evangelism (5 hours), Discipling Marketplace Leaders (2 days), and Asset-Based Community Development (6 hours).

[2] Teaching Business Owners and Employees:  Microbusiness training (2 days), Small and Medium Size Entrepreneurs (12 weeks @ 3 hours per week), and Leaders/Employees in the Workplace (8 weeks @ 3 hours per week).

[3] Teaching at Seminaries and Bible Colleges: Three courses are offered related to DML, namely, Church-based Business as Mission, Integrity and Finance, and Development and Social Change.

DML-ACK Kitale partnership is focused on Levels 1 and 2 and is implemented at the parish level through support and guidance of DML staff at ICM Kitale office and Diocesan DML Coordinator.

 What are the Potential Outcomes of DML Ministry for Our Parishes? 

In a research conducted by DML from September 2013-February 2015 to 260 businesses in three different denominations and three different cities in Western Kenya to ascertain the outcomes of DML ministry on the Church, the businesses, and the business owners, the following was found:

  1. For churches, there was (i) marked increase in attendance of church services by business owners, and increase in membership as business owners began to bring in people with whom they worked; (ii) increase in participation of business people in other church ministries; and (iii) increase in giving as household income increased through business growth and embrace of the principles of Christian stewardship.
  2. For businesses and business owners, there was (i) marked increase in sales; (ii) increase in profit in the business, (iii) increase in employment as new jobs were created; (iv) increase in household income; and (v) spiritual growth for business owners.

 For more Information on DML Ministry

  1. Conduct the ACK Kitale Diocese DML Coordinator, Rev John Lagat at 0721-129614, to inquire and/or enroll your parish for the DML ministry.
  2. Visit the DML ministry website, where you can find short videos and testimonies under our “links and resources” and other vital information.